The badges will make it easy to identify others in our group around Alexis Park while also making it simple for you to flow between events. It is an important addition that will also be used for security in our open bar hospitality suite and other functions.

Badge FAQ

What kind of photos will you accept?

Any head shoot that is clear and sufficiently large to be legible will be accepted. Graphics, Icons, altered photos or cartoons are not permitted. Think DMV type photo straight on clear view of your face and you must be the only person in the pic also light colored backgrounds work best. (this pic is used to identify you, remember people will not be looking at the pic when they meet you so you don’t need a sexy glamor shot, they will have the real thing right in front of them. If the pic does not well represent what you “really” look like day to day then you will be asked by security to show ID EVERY TIME you enter an event) We all know you are fully capable of taking a selfie LOL Just follow the guidelines and you’ll be fine.

Am I required to have my photo on the Badge?

No, but you want to. Attendees without photos on their badges will be required to show government issues ID when they enter and leave the hospitality suite, dance parties and other activities.

When should I have my Badge?

You should ware it at all Well Rounded BBW activates including hospitality suite, dance parties, pool parties, and seminars etc. Any event with security or tickets a badge will be required.

You should be prepared to upload your pic when you purchase your Bash Package