Well Rounded BBW Event Check In

Please check in when you arrive. Well Rounded BBW check in desk will be available for all guests to check-in for the event, collect their welcome packet, and get their personalized event badge. The badge will be required to access and participate on any of the event activities. All event guests are required to check-in with the registration staff upon arrival.

Aside from the check-in process, the staff at the registration desk will also be there to assist you with schedules, and other issues related to your event package (pending availability).

Please bring your picture ID and payment receipt.

Location: Alexis Park Lobby

Monday 3:00 PM – 2:00 AM
Tuesday 3:00 PM –2:00 AM
Wednesday 3:00 PM – 2:00 AM
Thursday 3:00 PM – 2:00 AM
Friday 3:00 PM – 2:00 PM
Saturday Bash Check-in to announced
Arriving before Bash check-in open? No worries, you can attend the daytime events until 3:00 pm without your Bash Registration Badge

NOTE: If you did not submit a pic for your Badge or you are registering at door but still would like a pic on you so that you don’t need to show your ID before entering all events then bring along a 2 inch X 2 inch pic. You can print it on regular paper right from your computer and we’ll add it to your Bash Badge.

Also note is you submitted a pic that had more than one person in the pic, you were wearing sunglass or your face was obscured in some way, very small file so pic could not be enlarged without blurring or blurry pics then your pic will not be on your Bash Badge …. If you think this could be you or if you just want to play it safe then bring along a 2 inch X 2 inch pic. You can print it on regular paper right from your computer and we’ll add it to your Bash Badge.
BBW Well Rounded Ultra Lounge

Well Rounded BBW will be transform the Alexis Park Zeus Room into an amazing Hospitality Suite Ultra Lounge with sofa seating areas, tables and chairs, games  The Ultra Lounge is a great place to meet new friends, hang out, mix and mingle, make plans, or just sit and people watch.

During the Club Nights we will be serving complimentary beer, wine, cocktails, soft drinks, juices and water.

ultraloungeUltra Lounge Hours:
Monday 3:00 PM – 2:00 AM
Tuesday 3:00 PM – 2:00 AM
Wednesday 3:00 PM – 2:00 AM
Thursday 3:00 PM – 2:00 AM
Friday 3:00 PM – 3:30 AM
Saturday 3:00 PM – 8:00 PM      Then 10:00 PM – 3:30 AM


Free Complimentary Cocktails as well as water, juice and Coke products.
Served everyday and during all parties in the Ultra Lounge

Club Nights

clubnightsClub nights are the main feature of the night. Well Rounded BBW has gone all out this year and brought in a lighting and sound company to replicate a high end Las Vegas Night Club. Each night will have a different theme, some you’ll have the option of dressing for the theme while others are more about the style of music played. We have a wide variety of people who come to Well Rounded BBW and we try to make the music just as diverse. So come, have fun, dance, chat and make new friends and who knows maybe even a love connection. We have an amazing lineup of DJs for Club Nights and Pool Parties sure to keep the joint jumpin’!

Monday: Tank Tops and Flip Flops
Tuesday: Black and White
Wednesday: Over the Rainbow
Thursday: Red Carpet Ready
Friday: Fairytale Costume Ball
Saturday: Ruby Slippers

How we came up with this years Club Night Themes:

The opening day of the Bash is Monday and we like to keep it casual as many people have been traveling all day and they just want to get there and relax and hug old friends. So we went with Flip Flops and Tank Tops. We want you to settle in and get comfortable kinda like settling down to watch a movie but in this case it’s getting ready for an adventure … We’re off to see the Wizard.

The Wizard of Oz movie starts off in Black and White so our Tuesday Club Night Theme is Black and White.

The Wizard of Oz Movie suddenly changes to color when Dorothy goes over the Rainbow to Oz. So Wednesday’s Club Night is Over the Rainbow.

Every great movie has a premiere and of course a Red Carpet so our theme for Thursday’s Club Night is Red Carpet Ready.

The Wizard of Oz is a Great American Fairy Tale so the theme for Friday’s Costume Ball is Fairytales.

Saturday is our Formal Dinner Banquet and we though there’s no place better than the Emerald City for our Banquet.

Saturday Club Night is your chance to show off your Ruby Slippers before Sunday comes and we click our heels together and say there’s no place like home, although we think there’s no place like Bash.


Wizard of Oz Formal Dinner Banquet and Entertainment Comedian Grant Gordon


Private Pool Parties

poolpartiesAlexis Park has a beautiful resort style pool and I can think of nothing better than sipping a cold cocktail from the Open Bar, soaking in the pool under the stars surrounded by all of my Bash friends.

Vendors Hall

vendorWe have reached out to our BBW community to bring you a great selection of vendors that sell products that cater to our needs and wants. You will find everything from BBW friendly furniture, BBW friendly sized jewelry, clothing and accessories and so much more. Come shop till you drop with all of the latest in BBW gear.

Fashion Show

The Fashion Show will be all of the latest styles from BBW vendors modeled by our very own Bash participants. The music will be pumping and the models will be strutting their stuff, walking the cat walk. This is a display of BBW at their finest wearing the finest our community offers. So come see what’s all the rage in all of the best products made with us in mind.

Speed Meet and Greet

You can never have enough friends so let’s plan to make new ones. Join us for Speed Meet and Greet. The way the speed meet and greet works is kind of like speed introductions where there are rows of tables and on one side of the table people will stay seated the other side of the table will move over one seat to meet a new person. You will be meeting both men and women and making new friends and hey maybe even with luck you’ll meet more than a friend. Everyone welcome. Hosted by Peggy and Darlene from NAAFA!

Lets Make a Big Fat Deal

This is a crazy fun game that you should do a little prep for so when you arrive for the Fashion Show load up your pockets and purses with everyday items to have a chance to win gift certificates that the vendors have graciously donated. The way it works is very much like the old Let’s Make a Deal show where Monty Hall would go into the audience and ask for random items and if you had them you won. Your host Brie will ask for random everyday items and if you have one throw your hand up quick to collect your raffle ticket. This is a fast paced crazy fun game to collect raffle tickets, remember the more tickets you collect the more chance you have to win so stuff those pockets. Hosted by Brie Brown

Big Fat B I N G O

bingoPrepare for a rip roaring good time of crazy over the top and sometimes a tad raunchy because this ain’t yo Mama’s B I N G O. You are encouraged to bring wild and crazy good luck charms like troll dolls or whatever makes you feel lucky. Crazy “church lady” hats are also strongly encouraged. The only cost to play is a smile and crazy sense of humor, winners will receive fabulous cheesy cheapo prizes. Hosted by Colleen Martin


Seminars and Workshops

Big Fat Sex

Yup you read right. Let’s talk about sex baby. This is a round table frank discussion of the joys and challenges of fat sex. Come share your thoughts and suggestions for a good healthy sex life. We’ll discuss techniques, positions, potions and lotions and toys and whatever else it takes to get the job done. Fat sex can have it’s challenges but as we all know it certainly has it’s joys too. This workshop is sure to get crazy at time with fun and laughter but overall this is an informational workshop meant to share thoughts, experiences and ideas and with a strong emphasis on safe sex.
Everyone is welcome! Hosted by Jennifer Wy.

Super-size Goddesses (Ladies Only)

This is a closed door round-table discussion of tips and tricks to living large and is open to all women who something to learn or something to share. Come share your feelings, be encouraged, encourage others, share tips on easier ways of living large in a small world. For many women this is their favorite seminar and the one they wait all year for, you owe it to yourself to be part of this special time with women just like you sharing life’s experiences. Hosted by Fernie Williams

Ageless Makeup

Makeup as we age needs to change much like the cut of our jeans. In this class we will explore cream vs liquid foundation, contour & highlight, what and where to line and how to finish it all off. Please bring your makeup kit, makeup brushes and small mirror.

Selfie Secrets Revealed

The Kim K contour/highlight, flawless foundation finish and the full pout. In this class we will learn how to do all these strange things that are so important for the perfect selfie. Please bring your makeup kit, makeup brushes and small mirror.

Mindblowing Makeup & Hair Hacks 

Feel like they are speaking a foreign language on your social media lately? In this class we will learn how to clip in our extensions, cut our creases, beat our faces, bake our foundations and dermablade the years aware. Please bring your makeup kit, makeup brushes, small mirror and your clip in extensions (if you have them).

All makeup and beauty classes are taught by Tifani Blakely

Tifani is a vibrant Las Vegas hair and makeup artist who specializes in bringing a personal approach to the art of all things in professional hair and makeup application. Her career makeup has taken her behind the counters of CHANEL, Sephora and her company Concierge Makeup. Whether helping a bride, conducting makeup artist workshops or serving as the hair and makeup artist for leading brands, Tifani is dedicated to creating a beautiful look and an exciting, sincere and educational experience.
Tifani is also available during Bash for hair, makeup, waxing and other beauty treatments, call her to schedule an appointment 702-907-5477


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